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HELP!  Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to our Buy a TART Chair campaign. Our goal is $3,000 (100 chairs at $30 each) and we're nearly halfway there. We've raised $1,260 so far -- enough funds to cover the costs of 42 chairs. Can you help us pay for the remaining 58? Any donation large or small is appreciated. A donation of $30 gets you a plaque with your name on the chair you "sponsored," a free ticket to any show in our season, and, of course, our undying gratitude. We wouldn't be asking if it weren't for a chair dealer that did us wrong. You can find the details of our chair challenges and a place to make a donation here. Thanks so much for your support.

What a response! We're nearly half-way!

HELP!  We reached out and you responded. When our chair vendor took our money, failed to delivery the chairs he promised, and stuck us with a $3,000 chair rental debt, you stepped up! We've raised $1,200 of our $3,000 goal in just one day. Thank you so much!

If we can keep the momentum going, we can hit our fund-raising goal before the weekend is over.  If you've already given, please spread the word about our GoFundMe campaign to your friends and colleagues. Every donation, no matter what size, really helps. If this is all news to you, please click GoFundMe to read more about the chair vendor who took our money and left us chairless in Tacoma.

Help Us Put 100 Chairs on the Theater Floor!

HELP! It's never easy opening a new theater. But we've had more than our fair share of set-backs -- first a flood on opening weekend and now a fraudulent chair vendor who is failing to deliver the chairs we purchased and sticking us with the chair rental bill he was also supposed to cover. Of course we're pursuing legal action against the crook who took our money (and broke our hearts).

In the meantime, we really need your help! We need to pay for the rental chairs we've been using for our first two shows. A donation of $30 to our GoFundMe campaign will cover the cost of one chair. And when we get our permanent chairs, your name will go on one of them. Thanks in advance for anything you can do.