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What is Repertory Theater?

Repertory theater is type of theater performed all over the world. It originated in the west, where it remains more popular. In its simplest terms, repertory theater refers to a company that presents multiple productions at the same time, alternating between the shows on a predetermined schedule. 

Repertory theaters may have resident companies. Actors in these companies are available to perform in multiple offerings over the course of a season. In olden days, companies would have a designated leading lady and leading man, with other  actors claiming old men or women, jokers, and other bit parts. In the modern age resident companies can also include designers and technicians.

At TART, we plan to use repertory to our advantage in several ways. By building up a dedicated company of talented local theater artisans (actors, designers, and crew) we will further hone their talents. When artists from multiple disciplines work together on various projects over the length of a season, professional relationships are strengthened, and therefore the Tacoma theater community as well. Audiences will love repertory theater in Tacoma. Imagine the scope and variety to observe in a weekend. Arts can help make a place a destination, and TART wants to contribute to Tacoma's economy by offering diverse and interesting theatrical works. This season we'll begin mounting shows, so stay tuned!